It’s the holiday season and pom poms to me have always been associated with happiness and celebration. They are easy  and cheap to make, fun to look at or play with and most importantly CUTE!


So here’s one of the many simple ways of making your own pom pom. By Vivid Please:

 You can make a garland and wrap it around a Christmas tree or use it as a fun scarf like this one from Anthropologie. Lovely colours!

Make tiny ones and wrap your presents like this! I know I’d be thrilled to receive one wrapped like this even if it’s just a box of tissue inside.

This one has been in my to-do list for the longest time. Still want to do it when we finally stop moving houses. Pom pom rug!

And finally, my favourite idea is the simplest – bookmarks! Suddenly all those fancy bookmarks seem so lame to me. I can imagine making these with kids and adding googly eyes to them so they become little book buddies for kiddy story books.

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